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The Haunted Pyramids is the best haunt I have been to. I have been to all of the big name haunts,
and yours is the best and the scariest haunt of them all. The special fx, and all the many live actors
you have makes this haunt one to see. We are planning on bringing another group from Charlotte
this year to see the new things you have added.
It was so scary even my boyfriend screamed.
The Haunted Pyramids is a definite must see haunt for those who want to be scared!
We are planning on coming down to see all of your haunts this month. Some of our friends came
last year and said your haunted houses were the best of all the ones they had been too. They said
they were real scary and made one of the girls cry in the last room. We are ready to bring some of
our friends down from our school. See you soon. We also were told that all  of your haunts are
indoors, so even if it is raining this is a good haunt to come to.
The Haunted Pyramids is the Scariest Haunt in North and South Carolina, hands down!
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I wanted you to know that I have been to most of the Haunted Attractions in North and South
Carolina and The Haunted Pyramids was one of the scariest ones we visited.  The dark mazes,
spinning tunnel, clowns, and of course those chain saws made the people in my group jump and
scream. I was surprised by the size of all four of your haunted houses. I liked it being inside
because the music and sound effects really helped to set the mood. It shows that you guys have
really put lots of work in your haunted attraction. We look forward to coming every year!
Our group came down from the Renaissance Festival in Charlotte NC. It was a pleasure meeting
you and some of your staff. We had a great time and told all of our friends about The Haunted
Pyramids. We hope to come down  again this year!
My group had never been to a professional haunted house before that had multiple themed
haunted houses... So we knew the drive would be worth it, and driving through the dark
country-side helped to build the suspense.  All 7 of us came down in my  Expedition for the
haunted experience and we were not disappointed. It was worth every minute of the trip! The
Haunted Pyramids - four haunted houses are by far the
best haunts we have ever seen. From the
props, live actors, theme, sound, lighting, and scares. We had the best time and would highly
recommend it! We want to come again and again. AWESOME JOB!
I could only go through one of the four Haunted Houses. It was called Monster Manor in 3D.
It scared me so bad I had to wait and let my friends finish the other three Haunts without me.
It was really a scary Haunted House to visit. We are from Canton. Ohio and  was amazed.
Re: Haunted Pyramids *Official* Reviews 2012
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2012, 08:03:34 AM »

Submitted by: 13moons
Visited: 10/12/12

Scare factor - 5/5.  Wow. This is a golden nugget tucked somewhere down a lonesome, winding, dark highway.
There are four distinctive high-intensity houses in one location.  The two main houses look like something from an
old western movie set and the other two are off to one side.  It's low key around there, and I'm thinking it's going to
be hokey or something. Oh hell no. The fact that these houses have been handcrafted with the help of a Hollywood
set designer over the past 16 years is evident in every inch of their incredible construction and high-impact delivery.
The Pyramid house has three connected parts: the intro part, the scene-stealing horror movie part, and the pitch
black maze part. The maze is intensely scary if you are disturbed by total darkness, panting visitors, wresting
yourself through crevices, and no one to help you. The owner told us his Uncle had a series of strokes while in the
pitch black maze of the Pyramid house.  I almost did, too.  I got so freaked out in that maze I thought I was going to
hyperventilate.  It didn't help much that the woman behind me was tugging my jacket saying "I think I just need to
close my eyes now."  My legs turned to jelly and when the finale comes- if you're lucky enough to figure your way out
of this incredible freak out before you have a serious meltdown-it's such a rush.  I had permagrin and a whizzing
sensation for hours afterwards. The 3D Manor house is a hog heaven sensory overload fantastical horror.  It's so
tightly wrapped but goes on and on...every inch of space serves some ghastly purpose.  I had to crouch, duck, crawl,
change directions, go up and down steps, navigate changing floor patterns, maneuver through sharp turns, and
narrow, twisty hallways. It's a masterpiece of haunted architectural genius from floor to ceiling. Dizzying illusions and
actors tossed us startle after startle, not to mention the whole thing is 3D so to top all of that off,  I got it all in total
holographic, wavy weirdness.  I actually hopped out of there feeling drunk and gasping for air. The Insane Asylum is
a fresh take on an overused theme. Tons of crazy actors hone in on us like bees on honey.  There's a series of
gruesome themes, constant maddening screaming, ruthless chases, refusals to unblock exits, and total commitment
(literally) to make us one of them. The 3D Clown house is creepy, disturbing, and made me feel drunk all over again.

Actors 5/5 -  I can't rave enough about the Asylum actors, they will make you crazy!  The freaky woman screaming
and scratching walls was so perfect in the second part of the Pyramid house, I thought I was in a movie with her. She
screamed when I screamed, stared us down right in the eyes without blinking, and blocked our way until we were
thoroughly intimidated. Characters were realistic and intensely connected to constantly flowing scare blows our way.  
Actors looked like props, so we'd look at the prop instead, then boom!  Gotcha. One actor told my friend "I want your
soul" then instructed the next actor to "kill her" which totally freaked her out. I was so caught off guard by what was
who and who was what that my stomach just stayed in my chest most of the time. I don't think I even breathed much
at all.  There weren't any actors in the pitch black Pyramid maze, but the thing is so black and so tight there's no
room and if someone were to turn a light on even for a second or give us a clue about where to go (even out of pure
desperation) something would be lost in that whole unbelievable experience. There were a few lonely spots with no
actors, but it was like some kind of needed respite to feel my legs again and mostly after exiting the houses walking
to the next one.  Top notch timing, costumes, energy, creativity, personal scare  connection (plenty of growls and
gurgles)'s all there inside these houses.

Set Design/Props/FX 5/5 - Masterful use of lighting and then total dark, strobes, disorienting props, 3D, near exact
horror movie scene replicas including acting, detailed scene after scene displays of horror deliver to almost every
possible fear imaginable. Huge fireballs split through darkness make my eyes fuzzy.  Hypnotic music, haunting voice
overs, and amplified scene sounds effectively work my nervous system into a tighter ball. This haunt's most
impressive feature is the actual internal architecture of the Manor house and the unusual construction of the Pyramid
house maze.  A maze design that takes groups as long as 18 minutes to find their way out of? That's seriously scary.

Length 5/5 - This haunt is very frightening, way fun, and provides four choices of houses with varying lengths and
wait times.  We spent almost two hours total at this haunt, and it did take extra time to reset for the Clown House, the
Manor house and the Pyramid house besides just waiting to go.  The Manor house seemed to go on for at least 15
minutes, the Pyramid house is group-specific depending on how the maze goes, but could take as long as 30
minutes.  The Asylum and Clown houses were both about 10 minutes each.  But, it was worth every minute of waiting.

Value 5/5 - At $22 we are just plain robbing these people. There's no question this is a hair-raising good deal.  And,
you can print $2 off coupons from their site in addition to the handful of special discount nights at $15 per person.

Other: This haunt is undervalued but not in terms of money, in terms of market value.  The message of what this
haunt really offers is not clear for haunt goers looking for this type of customized thrill. The name of the haunt does
not match up with the ultra-scary PG+ experience people will get when they come here. People are starting to
venture out further from home for haunts like these and they need your help to make it crystal clear to make their

Overall impression 4.75/5 - This haunt deserves an all out 5/5 but for one area:  the house/door guard roles.  The
Manor house guard was in costume, very friendly and informative, but not in character.  None of the house guards
seemed to have characters, except for the Asylum house, but they were crawling all over the house anyway.  House
guards make a big impact with setting the tone for what's to come. I'd like to see a little more crowd/ mood prepping
from the house guards, or some other method, so that it feels more in line with what's coming and to the level of
show I am about to experience.
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